Ethical code

Ethical Principles

We are committed to work in the interest of the organisation. It is therefore important to act according to our ethical principles. 

  1. We create a safe environment for each other, we are professionals and work on an equal basis. We work on the basis of a non-discrimination policy and ensure gender equality. We ensure a safe workspace.
  2. We are honest and fair, we keep to what has been agreed.
  3. The Foundation and its members comply with the law. We dare to report irregularities. We take measures if needed.
  4. Financial means of the Foundation are only used for the purpose of its activities and as approved by the members of the Board.
  5. The organisation is transparent and reports openly about its activities, the sources of funding and expenditures. We adhere to the ANBI guidelines. Annual accounts are prepared in accordance with Guideline RJ 650 for the Reporting of Fundraising Institutions published by the Dutch Accounting Standards Board.
    The annual report and the annual accounts will be published on the website each year.
    As the Foundation has been established in November 2022, the first report will be published in 2024. Progress can be monitored through the News items monthly updated on the website.