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Open your eyes and let’s create a world without discrimination.

The Open Eyes Foundation is created to help end discrimination and racism. We stand up for the human rights of persons who are discriminated against.
In particular, we fight for the rights of persons with albinism across the world.

About The Open Eyes Foundation

How it all started

In 2021, the BBC published an article about Xueli in which she shared her personal story and the genetic condition albinism was explained to a large public. The article was translated to many languages and went viral. In 2022, Xueli was invited to become UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the fight against racism and discrimination.

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What we do

The foundation seeks to contribute to an inclusive society where everyone has the same rights, access to education and work and can live a full life without being excluded or discriminated against

Raising Awareness

YouTube, (social) media, interviews, speaker, podcasts


International Awareness Days (Elimination of Racial discrimination, Albinism, Disabilities), Health, Employment

Education and Training

Develop information and education materials, Guest lectures, Training teachers

Research / Studies

Contribute to relevant research and conduct studies


Speaker, Organisation of events and exhibitions

Our Goals

The Open Eyes Foundation wants to make impact where it is most needed

The goals of the Open Eyes Foundation are:

  1. To empower people to end discrimination and racism
  2. To strengthen the wellbeing of vulnerable and marginalised groups
  3. To advocate for their interests and combat discrimination

board members

Meet our awesome
Board members

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Xueli Abbing (she/her)


Joeke Abbing (she/her)


Yara Abbing (she/her)


Jia Li Puma Stehlik (she/her)

Board Member​

Catherine Essoyan (she/her)

Board Member

Dr. Riina Pilke (she/her)

Board Member

Edward Sloan (he/him)

Board Member

Esther Overpelt (she/her)

Board Member

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