For more information on albinism watch the video of Klokhuis:


The video is in Dutch and is subtitled in English. Go to settings underneath the video and press CC and switch on the subtitles. This documentary is made for children of 9 to 12 years old but is also interesting for other age categories. Include picture of the still of the Klokhuis documentary

In our opinion it is important to talk about persons with albinism and not say ‘albino’ because this does not define solely who you are. You can have albinism and be a dancer or a lawyer, a mother or father, with many other characteristics that have nothing to do with being a person with albinism.

Incorrect, due to the light transmissivity of the iris, the iris colour differs per person. The most common colours are blue, brown and green). The blood vessels are only more visible due to the red color of the blood vessels.

There are 2 main types of albinism: Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) and Ocular albinism (OA).

OCA albinism is the most visible form of albinism; there is no melanin present in the eyes, hair and skin. Melanin produces pigment which provides protection from the sun. Without or with less melanin, persons have easy sun burns and the eyes let more light through which hurts. Persons with the OCA variant have a very light skin, and white hair. OCA effects the eyes, thus persons with OCA are visually impaired, have nystagmus (Wobbly eyes) and are very light sensitive.

OA only effects the eyes, persons with OA have a variety of colours of hair and skin.

If a parent or doctor thinks a child may be born with albinism, it is possible to get a genotype test done at the hospital.
Without the genotype test, the doctors can roughly estimate which type of albinism you may have, for example whether you have OA or OCA. For the various subtypes, a genotype test must be done by the geneticist as different genetic mutations may cause albinism. Both parents must be carriers of the defect in a gen for a child to be born with albinism. 

Racism and Discrimination

Racism is discrimination based on ethnicity/population group. For example, racism against people of color, people with an African or Asian appearance.

Discrimination is the unequal treatment of different groups in our society for example: people with a disability, religious background, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

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