What we do


Open your eyes to the world as diverse as it is

Open your eyes and let’s create a world without discrimination.

The foundation seeks to contribute to an inclusive society where everyone has the same rights, access to education and work and can live a full life without being excluded or discriminated against. 

Open Eyes stands for supporting marginalized groups and those who suffer from oppresive and discriminating systems. 

The specific aims
of the Open Eyes Foundation are:

To strengthen the wellbeing of vulnerable and marginalised groups, and more in particular (young) people with albinism

To advocate for their interests and combat discrimination in general, and of people with albinism in particular.

To raise awareness with respect to discrimination and racism from an intersectional perspective.


  • Raising Awareness – through targeted (social) media campaigns, podcasts and videos
  • Projects
  • Education and Training
  • Research / Studies
  • Events

We raise funds and collaborate with international and local partner organisations to achieve our goals.