Our strategy

The Open Eyes Foundation

wants to make impact where it is most needed. To understand what we could best do, we needed to better understand how discrimination and racism can be eradicated, and subsequently we needed to define our role and to decide on how we can best contribute to achieving the goals.

Raising awareness, sharing information and ensuring education are extremely important to safeguard vulnerable people / minorities. People who are discrimated against face problems at school and in jobs. People with albinism or other disabilities feel therefore often insecure, they are excluded from activities, and may even encounter violence.
There is also a lot of information and assumptions that are untrue. For instance in some African countries, such as Tanzania, Malawi, people think that persons with albinism have special powers and by using their bones in medicins diseases can be cured. These are myths that need to be stopped before making more victims. In other countries, such as China, people often think that children with albinism bring bad luck and they are often abandoned or kept hidden.
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We convey messages which are based on facts and will continue to fight disinformation.

By focusing on young adults in general we can help them to become better informed, and we can support young people who are discriminated against to be more empowered, see opportunities instead of threats, ensure access to education (and not be excluded), enabled to find jobs etc.

To this extent, we will give priority to raising awareness through (socia)media, for instance through videos, podcasts, events.

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